Albu Sarah

Sarah Albu is a Montreal-based soprano specializing in new work at the intersection of music and theatre.

Highly sought after as a soloist performing contemporary and experimental music, she is also active as a choral singer, sound designer, improvisor and yoga musician.

Her first self-produced solo album was released independently in 2013 and features compositions for solo voice by eight Canadian composers. Her interest in movement, new media and interdisciplinary exploration has led to collaboration in performative robotics projects with composer/media artist Patrick Saint-Denis as well as work in immersive opera-installation with the Halifax company Vocalypse Productions. She is the artistic director of the six voice ensemble ina, one half of the duo Altra Voce with flutist Jeffrey Stonehouse, and a frequent collaborator with many composers and ensembles in Montreal and beyond.

Her work explores the relationships between voice, body, and theatricality through the application of traditional technique to new repertoire and the injection of new vocal and technological practices in the music of centuries past.