Eckhardt Julia

Julia Eckhardt is a viola player in the field of composed and improvised contemporary music. After her studies she worked in different, mostly contemporary, chamber music groups, and after this a couple of years in the National Orchestra of Belgium. Since 1995 she is a founding member of and artistically responsible for Q-O2 workspace in Brussels, which was first an ensemble for contemporary experimental and inprovised music, and became in 2006 a workspace for experimental music and sound art. For q-o2 she initiated projects such as ‘muziekxtaalx4’, ‘de tijd is rond (for Brussels 2000)’, ‘doundo/recycling G’(together with Ludo Engels), ‘abstract adventures’(icw. Les Bains::Connective), '//2009//-what do you make of what I say'. Interdisciplinair collaboration has been self-evident in these projects. She has been collaborating with composers such as Phill Niblock, Pauline Oliveros, Stevie Wishart, Jennifer Walshe, Wandelweiser-composers, Christian Wolff, Antony Coleman and many of the young generation. She has played solo work by among others György Kurtag, John Cage, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Anne Wellmer, Radu Malfatti. After having started to play free improvisation in 2001 she has collaborated with musicians such as Andrea Neumann, Burkhard Beins, Rhodri Davies, Keith Rowe, Arnaud Jacobs, Lucio Capece, Taku Sugimoto, Robin Hayward. She is part of the group Incidental Music which is specialised in conceptual music and operates near to the Wandelweiser composers group, together with Manfred Werder, Normisa Pereira da Silva, Angharad Davies and Stefan Thut. She grew up in Berlin and lives and works in Brussels.

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