Matthews Emma-Kate

Emma -Kate is an architect, artist musician and composer. In 2012 she founded EKM Works; a transdisciplinary creative practice with a focus on experimentation and exploring the boundaries of innovative technologies. Emma-Kate teaches a Masters in Architecture unit at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL where she is also undertaking a design and performance-led PhD, part funded by the Bartlett staff award bursary. Her research is concerned with discovering and exploiting creative reciprocities between music; as constructed sound, and architecture; as constructed space. She is currently a London Symphony Orchestra Sounsdhub Associate and is writing a number of site-specific compositions which are directly influenced by the outputs of digital acoustic simulation and 3D scanning. Last year, Emma-Kate's spatial compositions were performed at the Royal Academy of Arts, Shoreditch Church and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. She is currently collaborating with the London City Orchestra on a new spatial piece for the Southbank Centre in January. Emma-Kate plays the Clarinet, Drum Kit, Electric Bass and Piano and has released a number of albums, most recently "East of the Active" on Algebra Records, She has previously performed at the Barbican concert hall and the Queen Elisabeth hall. Her Architectural work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts and the RIBA and has also been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals including Architectural Design (Wiley) and Design Ecologies (Intellect books).