Richardson Alexandra

Alexandra Richardson: Alex is the Learning & Participation Officer at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, an annual 10-day festival in November, where she designs the education programme as well as activities planned over the year that include innovative community music and arts workshops, inclusive for all groups, from babies and toddlers, children and young people to adults, minority groups, emerging artists and more. She has considerable experience teaching primary school music, delivering radio production workshops to young people including refugees/asylum seekers and also private instrumental teaching.

Her academic background is in Ethnomusicology, studying a masters at the School of Oriental and African Studies; her research focussed on gender and music, specifically in North Africa with traditional all-women ensembles in the Marrakech region of Morocco. Alex is also a radio producer and DJ, where she hosts a monthly show on the online platform NTS Radio called Whirldfuzzz, discussing and playing an eclectic mix of genres often through an anthropological lens. She DJ's under the same moniker and performs locally and worldwide.