Blow Mike

Mike is an academic and artist working in interactive installation and performance. His interests concern setting up frameworks within which musical composition can occur through the influence of outside forces (‘automatic music’). Examples are interactive installations which respond to (or are played by) the audience, weatherdriven work, and improvised performance with non-deterministic instruments. Automatic music encapsulates ideas of generative systems, self organisation and feedback which have been of interest since his master's study in artificial life in the early 2000's. Mike is also interested in multisensory effects, specifically the way sound can activate objects in the imagination of the audience. His work has been presented widely including permanent exhibits in the Science Museum in London, the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, the Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford and Manchester City Gallery. His work was featured in the group show Audible Forces which toured many of the major UK arts festivals in 2013. He has been showing work in public spaces and outdoor festivals since 2006, and is experienced at making electronic and kinetic artworks for public display outdoors. He is a Senior Lecturer in Music Technology at De Montfort University, Leicester UK.