Mâche François-Bernard

François-Bernard Mâche has had two careers at the same time. As a composer, he has been invited to and played in about thirty countries and received the Prix Italia (1977), the Grand Prix National de la Musique (1988), and the Grand Prix de la Musique Symphonique de la Sacem (2002). His catalogue now includes 114 works, illustrating all genres and all techniques. In addition, in his academic career as an associate and doctor of philology, he directed the Music Department of the University of Strasbourg for 10 years , published seven books, and finished his teaching career as Director of Studies at E.H.E.S.S. (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences). In 1990, he received the highest order from the French Ministry of Culture, and is a Commandeur des Arts et Lettres and knight of the Order of Academic Palms. He has been a member of the Académie des Beaux- Arts since 2002, occupies the chair of the late Iannis Xenakis and was appointed doctor honoris causa by the University of Athens in 2011.