Dziwis Damian T.

Damian T. Dziwis was born 1986 in Chorzów (Poland). The Düsseldorf based composer and engineer creates the majority of his transmedial work with generative algorithms and artificial intelligence. He began his artistic education in instrumental composition under David Graham, followed by electronic composition under Christian Banasik and finalized it with his master studies in electronic composition under Michael Beil in Cologne. Damian’s compositions were played at various festivals, for example the Music Tech Fest Stockholm, the CTM Festival in Berlin, Beethoven Fest Bonn, the ACHT BRÜCKEN festival in Cologne or the die digitale festival in Düsseldorf. Beside his musical works he’s doing a PhD in virtual acoustics and develops applications for art expression which were published at conferences like ICMI – “innovative computer-based musical interfaces” and TEI – “tangible, embedded, and embodied interaction”.