Fu Ya-Wen

Ya-Wen Fu was born in 1980 in Taiwan. The central point of her work states the relationship of body and space. This relationship is grasped by Ya-Wen not only through the description of a subject and its surroundings, but by a differentiated conception and critical analysis of the subject in space. She poses questions about the space in which you feel and act, the space in which the self that perceives exists and likewise where this self begins in its surroundings. In her performances, Ya-Wen Fu acts as a real person presenting themselves in a showroom. When other performers might present their subjects by completely exposing their bodies while also exposing the vulnerability of their egos, Ya-Wen Fu covers herself with and is held by a protective construction. These constructions are extended gadgets that function clearly as expansions derived from the human body. These figures presented in her performances demonstrate seemingly half-human sculptures. At first glance, these gadgets appear like protection mantles or armour. With a closer look, this first impression inverts itself into its opposite. Ya-Wen Fu demonstrates the idea in her animated sculpture, that, from her point of view, your own body is never free from social imprint and constrains.