Dolinšek Tina

Tina Dolinšek is Ljubljana (Slovenia) based new-media art producer, curator and cultural facilitator. She wrote for several Slovene media (Radio Student, Tribuna, Delo), mainly about culture, society, new media art and technology and contributed articles to portal, the online encyclopedia of culture in Slovenia. From 2013-2018 she was a producer, curator and head coordinator of education and art activities at Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory. During that period she organized and curated more than 70 art events, exhibitions, festivals, workshops, AV performances and started various DIY communities and platforms. She initiated a art-tech-research platform or a”summer hacking camp” PIFcamp in 2015 and have been running it since then. As a member of experimental AV group Theremidi Orchestra she was participating at over 50 events, hosted numerous workshops on experimental DIY instruments building and performed at various venues and festivals around Europe (Spektrum, Berlin; Piksel festival, Bergen, Liwoli Linz, PoolLoop, Zurich, ...) and US (Eyebeam, New York).,,