Nakou Evi

Evi Nakou is a flutist, sound artist and workshop leader. She is a co-founder of ontoSonics, an arts collective specialized in site-determined installation and performance, based on storytelling. In 2013 she formed plein, an intermedia collaboration with visual artist Daphne Sgourou, researching and creating work between the UK and Greece. Evi has been curating, together with Jane Cheadle, the peer-led Participatory Arts Reading Group, at the Barbican Centre.

As a performer and workshop leader she has worked in the UK and internationally. Most recently with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, LSO, PAN Intercultural Arts for victims of human trafficking, Paxos International Music Festival, PMA Academy, SGT Onassis Culture Centre, among others. Over the last four years she has been working as an artist and workshop leader for the Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning Department and Drum Works. 

In 2013-4 she attended the Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs Scheme, run by the Guildhall School and Cause 4. Evi is a member of the Breakfast Club quartet and has been devising work, as a flutist and composer, with the design studio Overcraft. She holds a BMus Flute, MMus Musicology and MMus Leadership.