Peki Anastasia

Anastasia Peki is a Drama-based artist and music teacher interested in noise-oriented explorations, intermedia artistic approaches, as well as in creating DIY sound-generating objects with or without the help of technology. She has graduated the Music Department of Fine Arts School (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), she is a holder of a piano diploma, and -for several years- a classical singing student. In the past, she has co-ordinated the interartive workshop for adults “Music In-Between” along with Danae Stefanou and Alexandra Karamoutsiou (Thessaloniki Concert Hall), and the experimental music/collective improvisation workshop “Sound-meetings” (underground of School of Landscape Architecture, Drama). However a teacher in formal-music-education institutions, she dreams of a future where sounds will be approached without preconceptions, individual/innate creativity will be encouraged and music-making will be a matter of collective procedures, resonating the inter-connections/relationships between people, places and objects.