Manuela Naveau – Knowledge or Non-knowledge - workshop| 28/2/18

Manuela Naveau – Knowledge or Non-knowledge

The internet not only makes it necessary for us to redefine terms such as the masses and the individual, it also focuses attention on forms of participation that occur involuntarily and unconsciously. In the workshop, we begin by looking into case studies about sonic participation, after which we will collectively work, develop, and present our thoughts and efforts to investigate the subject of participation in a way that is grounded in our networked reality – as a means of navigating a course between romanticised conceptions like emancipation and empowerment, and dystopian connotations like surveillance, control, and appropriation.

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Manuela Naveau, born 1972, is artist and curator of Ars Electronica Linz. She teaches at University of Art and Design Linz and her research investigates networks and knowledge in the context of computer based artistic practice. Her book „Crowd and Art – Kunst und Partizipation im Internet“ (Crowd and Art – Art and Participation in the Internet) was published in 2017 in transcript Verlag, Germany. She received the Award of Excellence from the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research, and Economy in 2016 for her dissertation.