in situ-in vivo théâtre
site specific events

In Vivo Théâtre and Pockets of Space were part of the Manifeste Festival 2018 and were organized within the framework of the Interfaces Network. 

At the very end of the Iliade, Priam and Achilles meet: two sworn enemies. Priam crosses the land with a donkey to recover his son, Hector’s, body in Achilles’ tent.

“For a moment, protected by the sleep of an entire army, two beings looked at one another. No longer bound by external laws, by learned hatred. They invent a moment that is only for them, made of admiration and tears. Centuries of conditioned rage surges up in their eyes, and lowers: the species recognizes itself. They are quiet, watching each other, eating, sleeping. Their common insignificance counterbalances the tumult that preceeded it.”
(Daniel Jeanneteau)

DÉJÀ LA NUIT TOMBAIT ( fragments de l'ILIADE), is based on a translation of the text by Homere by Frédéric Mugler, éditions Babel – Actes Sud, Premiere 2018

Daniel Jeanneteau _conception, director, set design
Chia Hui ChenStanislav Makovsky_ music
Yves Godin _lighting
Augustin Muller _IRCAM computer music design
with Thibault Lac, Axel Bogousslasky, Thomas Cabel, and the participation of Laurent Poitrenaux _(recorded voice).

19-23 June 2018
June 19, 8 P.M.
June 20, 8 P.M.
June 21, 8 P.M.
June 22, 7 P.M.
June 23, 6 P.M.
Public presentations from Tuesday, June 19 - Saturday, June 23, 2018
@Ircam & T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers
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