living museums project – Cello Recital | 26/5/2018

As part of the Interfaces -activity "Living Museums Project", EUC organises informal acoustic interventions / concerts inside museum spaces in Cyprus, aiming to capture the way in which visitors can choose to experience collections: people can spend time on the pieces in which they are more interested as they move and explore various simultaneous performances taking place in different rooms. 

Cello Recital_ 26/5/2018

Musician: Jannis Toulis (cello)

Programme: J.S. Bach-cello suite no. 3 in c major, bww 1009; E. Feldbusch-mosaique; G. Leotsakos-nikolla zoraqui in memoriam..; J. Toulis-four greek traditional and folk songs

Location: Bee & Embroidery Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus

free admission 

poster 26 may

organised by:
European University Cyprus