UPISketch: new video tutorials by Rodolphe Bourotte are now out!

As part of the Urban Music Boxes and Troubadours activity of the Interfaces project, Rodolphe Bourotte has prepared four (4) short tutorial videos to demonstrate some basic functionality of the application. 

Ten custom-made tablet stations, using to the extent possible open hardware and software, will be designed by faculty and students from the University including a new version of UPIC for mobile devices and a software from DMU among others which will act as modern interactive music box. The project will involve exhibitions and 3-day workshops which will be given by the Centre Iannis Xenakis and DMU. Tablets will be installed in Nicosia immigrant neighbourhoods, but also in other spaces: malls, the University and shops. Interactive concerts will take place in public spaces, breaking the performer / audience barrier. The action will be documented through many photographs and a video documentary on the project's website.

Click here to see the YouTube video-tutorials.

organised by:
European University Cyprus