oscillation - on sound's nature

Organised by Q-O2, the Oscillation festival focused on various aspects of the nature of sound, in particular regarding its capacity for creating and sharing space. The festival took place across a variety of formats and locations in Brussels.

Oscillation is a project and festival circling around various aspects of the nature of sound, with a special curiosity about its capacity for creating and sharing space, its propensity to occupy the zones in between spaces, positions, events, discourses, etc: a betweening space. Sound travels, hops borders, passes through walls. It is endlessly participative in that we share it all the time, often unwittingly. It entangles itself in the necessarily messy gaps between us. Sound offers a framework for thinking the in-between as a space that not only needs boundaries in order to exist (what is a space without limits to define it?), but whose very presence both creates and parodies the fixities of those boundaries. A discourse of inbetween-ness cannot be fixed but is always made up of a great many tentative constructions and holdings in place.

Part of sound’s particularity is its unflinching sitedness; hearing is always hearing in place. And yet, sound inevitably permeates between spaces: between walls, between the ‘external’ room and the ‘internal’ ear, between languages, across divisions between producer and listener, artist and audience. Sound plays an increasing role in our senses and connection to others. The artists, thinkers, and practitioners that make up this festival come from a diverse range of positions, formal backgrounds, and traditions. They split across continents, generations, and languages. But in the space that opens up between these different positions, there is a common practice of thinking with and through sound. Of using sound as a tool to occupy and energise the space in between: not absence but material, not lack but medium.

Adam Asnan, Aki Onda, Akio Suzuki, Alice Pamuk, Andrea Neumann, Anna Raimondo, Anne-Laure Pigache, Annette Vande Gorne, Beatriz Ferreyra, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Bill Dietz, BolwerK, David Toop, Doron Sadja, Eliane Radigue, Els Viaene, Emmanuel Holterbach, Enrico Malatesta, Franziska Windisch, Guillaume Maupin, Isabelle Stragliati Jennifer Walshe, John Butcher, Jonathan Frigeri, Juliette Volcler, Justin Bennett, Klaas Hübner, Lila Athanasiadou, Lucié Vitková, Lucy Railton, Luke Fowler, Manuel Lima, Marc Fell, Marc Matter, Mariska De Groot, Melissa Logan, Michael Vorfeld, Oracle, Paulo Dantas, Pedro Oliveira, Peter Ablinger, Pierre Berthet, Rie Nakajima, Rebecca Glover, Salome Voegelin, Séverine Janssens, Sofia Jernberg, Sue Tompkins, Thierry Madiot, Tomoko Sauvage. Wederik De Backer, Xabier Erkizia

In partnership with:Argos, Au Quai, Cinema Nova, Decoratelier Jozef Wouters, Eglise St. Jean-Baptiste Molenbeek,La Fonderie, Le Lac, Recyclart, RITCS, Werkplats Walter.

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25 April-5 May 2019
Brussels, Belgium
organised by:

Q-O2 Festival Oscillation - On Sound’s Nature Part I

Q-O2 Festival Oscillation - On Sound’s Nature Part I

Q-O2 Festival Oscillation - On Sound’s Nature Part II

Q-O2 Festival Oscillation - On Sound’s Nature Part II

Symposium day 1: Lila Athanasiadou

Symposium day 1: Lila Athanasiadou

Symposium day 1: Xabier Erkizia

Symposium day 1: Pedro Oliveira

Symposium day 1 : David Toop

Symposium day 2: Juliette Volcler

Symposium day 2:Salome Voegelin

Symposium day 2:Severine Janssen

Symposium day 2:Beatriz Ferreyra

Symposium day 2:Jennifer Walshe

Symposium day 2:Manfred Werder

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panel #2

panel #3