nerone's lyra

With a Lyra in his hand Nero sings of Rome as it burns. Although this scene probably never happened, it still shapes the perception of the historical figure who is just as famous and notorious in the present day. In this pre-study of ‘Nerone’ - a staged work Gadenstätter is preparing since 2016 - the exploration of a hyper-lyra consisting of various long metal ropes is a central element. This installation was activated by musicians worked in counterpoint with Jakob Scheid’s ‘Monochords’ and meticulously composed fragments of Gadenstätter’s work.

Music: Clemens Gadenstätter
Text: Lisa Spalt
Sound Installation: Jakob Scheid
Sound engineer: Bart Aga

Speaker: Anne Bennent
Recorder, voice: Eva Reiter
Electric guitar: Tom Pauwels
Keyboard: Jean-Luc Fafchamps