open call for workshop: "what is the sound of Athens?" | deadline: 20/05/19

As part of the ATLAS Project of the Interfaces Network, the Onassis Stegi invites professional and amateur musicians and sound mixers, to participate in a workshop by Dimitris Kamarotos (composer), Kostas Bokos (sound technician), and John Antipas (sound mixer) about the sounds of the city of Athens, Greece.
The workshop duration is 30 hours of theoretical and practical classes that will be held inside and outside the Onassis Stegi. Every person in the workshop, will be participating with their recordings at the concert of the Atlas Project in Athens.

The ATLAS project involves three concerts in three different cities. In Athens, Paris and Karlsruhe, Dimitris Kamarotos (Athens - Onassis Stegi), Carmine Emanuele-Cella (Paris - Ircam) and Valerio Tricolli (Karlsruhe - ZKM) transform the sound of each city into music, through three concerts at the same time. Sound and image, come closer, coexist and are completed in a common composition on stage.

Submission deadline: 20 May 2019

Dates: 29/05-2/06

Apply HERE

29 May until 2 June 2019 (30 hours)

Athens, Greece

Workshop working language
Greek, simultaneous interpretation in English is possible, if there is interest

Application Deadline: 20/05/2019


Visit the page of the open call at Onassis Stegi HERE

Open Call for workshop

Open Call for workshop