my greatest hits (a liquid room)

The Liquid Room series, conceived for the empty space of the Kaaitheater, has acquired something of a cult status. Each Liquid Room is a mini festival on various stages where music seeks points of convergence with other disciplines. The past Liquid Rooms "Sound & Vision" (2017) and "Phrases" (2018) were organised as part of the Interfaces Network.

For 2019, the Belgian ensemble pushed the envelope a bit further, inviting spectators into a festival within the festival: This Liquid Room was the opening concert of the 37th edition of Musica Festival in Strasbourg, France. A vast evening – more than three hours of music – in which the aesthetic experience merged with moments of dialogue and interaction.

Special guest:
Les Percussions de Strasbourg: percussion, decoy-ducks, MIDI vibraphone

Lore Binon (21st only): voice
Dominik Boiy: sound assistant
Dirk Descheemaeker: clarinet, soprano sax, tubes
Theresa Dlouhy (20th only): voice
Alexandre Fostier: sound
Caspar Langhoff: light
Gerrit Nulens: triangle, drums, percussion
Tom Pauwels: electric and acoustic guitars, voice, auto-tune
Jean-Luc Plouvier: piano, electronic keyboard, spoken voice
Eva Reiter: viola da gamba, voice, tubes
Suse Ribeiro: sound assistant
Michael Schmid: spoken voice, bass flute, tubes
Liesa Van der Aa: voice, violin
Wilfried Van Dyck: stage

Alvin Lucier: Silver street car for the orchestra (1988)
Eva Reiter: Konter (2009)
Robin Hoffmann: Locken (2006)
Bernhard Lang: Cold trip (2014-2015)
Alexander Schubert: Sensate Focus (2014)
Bernard Heidsieck: Vaduz (1974)
Christopher Trapani: Two Folksong distorsions Wayfaring Stranger: Freight Train (2015)
Terry Riley: Rainbow in curved air (1968)
Francesco Filidei: I Funerali dell’Anarchico Serantini (2005-2006)
Sarah Nemtsov / Anne Sexton: Seven Thoughts (Her Kind) (2018)
Elisabethan & contemporary music: Darker than Black (medley)
Charlie Chaplin: The Hynkel Speech (1940)
Simon Steen-Andersen: Mono (Autotune Study) Nachgesang (2014 - 2019)
Francesco Filidei: ... And Here They Do Not (2014)
Liesa Van der Aa: Carte Blanche (2019)
Eliane Radigue: ∑= a = b = a+b (1969)
Kurt Schwitters: Sonate in Urlauten (1921-1932)
Simon Steen-Andersen | W.A. Mozart: Queen of the Nights (2015)
Eva Reiter: Tube Music (2018)

20-21 September 2019
Venue: Les Halles - Citadelle
Strasbourg, France

Time: 20:30
organised by: