the program is out: interfaces final conference 5-6/3/2020

Contemporary culture is shaped through discussions, encounters, exchanges. Four years after its official launch, the interfaces program culminates in an international conference that brings together creative Europe in its entirety.

The Interfaces Final Conference “Cultural synergies, creativity & innovation” is a two-day international event that explores how cultural synergies could contribute to innovation and creativity in the field of Culture.

The conference will bring together representatives from projects funded by Creative Europe program, cultural practitioners and policymakers to discuss, re-think and re-use strategies on strengthening audience development as a means of improving access to European cultural and creative works, promoting the transnational mobility of artists and professionals and fostering capacity building through innovative approaches to creation, management and marketing for the cultural sectors.

The Conference includes insights, perspectives and tools developed during the Interfaces project and connects these with other initiatives, projects and collaborations in Europe and beyond.

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