interfaces - a network of sonic arts (short film)

A documentary for the Interfaces network, an international interdisciplinary project which seeks to introduce audiences to cutting-edge work by musicians and sound artists.

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With the support of the Creative Europe program, Interfaces brings together nine partners from the UK, Germany, France, Cyprus, Belgium, Romania and Austria to explore innovative ways of introducing audiences to the work of cutting-edge musicians and sound artists.

To achieve this goal, the network staged a wide range of activities: new forms of performance in innovative spaces using new media, educational activities, audience development research, conferences and artist residencies.

This documentary captures some moments from concerts and performances around Europe and also includes interviews from artists and the people behind the parner-organisations discussing about Interfaces and New Music.

Direction: Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
Production: Loukas Valentis / White Room

Interfaces – A Network of Sonic Arts (2020) | Angeliki Aristomenopoulou

Interfaces – A Network of Sonic Arts (2020) | Angeliki Aristomenopoulou