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As part of the INTERFCES project, the artist and scientist Dr. Gerriet K. Sharma gave a lecture focusing on media-specific space-sound phenomena. The lecture attempted to classify electroacoustic space-sound phenomena [plastic sound objects], regardless to their technical descriptions and metaphorical attributions, as "classical" sculptural body-space relations.

Currently the loudspeaker-based sound projection techniques used are of interest to the automotive industry, computer and mobile phone companies, the event industry and VR technology. These will be available in shortest time in various executions for each household. This availability raises the question of what perceptions we share in these medial spaces, and how we can still track down potentials for aesthetic experiences and make them usable for acoustic arts. Questioning the description of these radically different, media-specific space-sound phenomena as "sculptural" enables their treatment independent of marketing idealizations and cinematic sound sensations. It is about the development of an aesthetic practice that composes space by assuming space as a prerequisite for sound-plastic material and thus pursuing the goal of finding a poetic approach in contemporary media art in order to be able to include complex environments artistically.

publication "aural sculpturality"
Gerriet K. Sharma also published a paper entitled "Aural Sculpturality" which deals with sculptural aspects in loudspeaker music and questions the concept of sculpture in acousmatic music. His publication strives for a radically different definition of media-specific space-sound phenomena as "sculptural" and aims at the development of an aesthetic space-composing practice that presupposes space for the development of sound-plastic material.
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Concert "Sculptural Aspects in Loudspeaker Music"
The loudspeaker has radically changed music, its conception and reception over the last 100 years. Whereas in the past a sound could always be attributed to its origin as a sound event, previously unheard »abstract phenomena« suddenly emerged. As a result, these sound materials became the subject of new creative practices, which have been integrated into our everyday media life from music and sound art to film and television. In the field of loudspeaker music, various international schools of the generation and treatment of these sounds developed, which also sought to establish the space and spatialization of sound as an extension of conventional musical parameters. On this concert evening, works by very different representatives of these schools were presented and instrumentally interpreted as sculptures by a new loudspeaker system developed in recent years, the IKO speakers (IKO).

In a concert with the new loudspeaker system, the IKOsahedron loudspeaker, sounds were interpreted as sculptures.
–John Chowning »Stria«
–György Ligeti »Artikulation«
–Gottfried Michael Koenig »Klangfiguren II«
–Pauline Oliveros »Three Pieces«
–Iannis Xenakis »Diamorphoses«
–Karlheinz Stockhausen »STRAHLEN«

workshop "Composing with a Spherical Loudspeaker"
Gerriet K. Sharma shared in a one day workshop with students some insights into the shaping of sounds with a special loudspeaker instrument. For this purpose, the worldwide unique IKOsahedron loudspeaker was presented with the aim to provide a practical experience of sculptural sound events as they are made possible by the application of new media technologies.
The workshop was contextualized by Sharma's publication.

6 April 2019
organised by:
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie

Gerriet K. Sharma: Sculptural Aspects in Loudspeaker Music

Gerriet K. Sharma: Sculptural Aspects in Loudspeaker Music