discover the new toolkit "DIY-making our own instruments"

The educational material “DIY – Making our own musical instruments” is a practical guide with detailed instructions, examples and exercises for educators who want to experiment with DIY constructions and different ways of creating music in the classroom.

It was inspired by the workshops "DIY instruments making and hacking" led by Onassis Stegi and De Montfort University as part of Interfaces.

Using the audiovisual material provided in the handbook as a compass, teachers and students can make bizarre musical instruments together, using materials such as balloons and foil, along with chips, cables and resistors. The handbook, in addition to including clear instructions for making musical instruments, explains the general principles of physics for sound and electricity related to the instruments’ operation, and contains instructions for games and improvisations, as well as suggestions for small sound compositions. Get ready for an unusual journey into the fascinating world of sounds and music through art and science.

Created by:
Aris Droukopoulos: Sound technician, manufacturer of sound equipment/loudspeakers
Thalia Ioannidou: Musician, sound artist
Yannis Kotsonis: Musician, sound artist
Gelina Palla: Musician, visual artist

Translated from Greek:
Danae Stefanou