Spectrum XXI festival

“SPECTRUM XXI” festival is the only worldwide event dedicated to spectral music – one of the major trends in experimental and contemporary music. Spectralism is a leading idea, a true paradigm in today's music, which brings together different musical trends, however, with similar concerns on sound, timbre, color, harmonic spectrum. 

The Interfaces version of SPECTRUM festival holds its tenth edition in 2016 with concerts in London, Berlin and Paris aiming to contribute to the development of a common European musical space and provide the audience with better access, understanding and reception of the actual music.

In completion to the concerts in London (In New River Studios, the 25th and 26th of November), Hyperion Ensemble will organise two workshops centered on the investigation of new playing techniques, in the light of phenomenology and acousmatics. The Workshops will combine a training session with explanations and exemplifications, gathering together members of Hyperion International and students from musical establishments.

The concerts in Berlin will be accompanied by a launch of the last CDs from the Edition Modern series featuring works by spectral composers Dumitrescu and Avram, as well as the book titled, “The Metamorphosis of the Musical Text”.

Concert Dates:

New River Studios, London,UK
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London concert
New River Studios, London, UK
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Café OTO, London, UK
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Café OTO, London, UK
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Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin, DE
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Anagram Books Berlin
Launch of the book


The artistic team will be consisted of the following musicians from 7 different countries gathered together in Hyperion international Ensemble:

  1. Iancu Dumitrescu,
  2. Ana-Maria Avram (conductors, RO), 
  3. Tim Hodgkinson (clarinet, bass clarinet, UK),
  4. Yoni Silver (bass clarinet, UK-Israel), 
  5. Edward Lucas (trombone, UK),
  6. Andrei Kivu (cello, trumpet,flute–RO-FR),
  7. Colin Hacklander (percussion, DE),
  8. Eduard Gabia  (percussion, RO),
  9. Diana Miron (violin, RO),
  10. Tijana Stankovic (violin, SE),
  11. Zsolt Szores (viola, HU),
  12. Albert Narkos (cello, HU),
  13. Shmil Frankel (d-bass, Israel),
  14. Laurentiu Cotac (d-bass, RO),
  15. Zachary Rowden (d-bass, USA).
  16. Mircea Ardeleanu (percussion)
  17. Cosmin Postolache (percussion, metallic objects), (cello ),
  18. Guillaume Ollendorff (e-guitar).

Spectrum XXI-Interfaces is realised by the Romanian Community of Electronic Music – CREMAC, in partnership with CTM ( Berlin), NK Projekt ( Berlin), Anagram Books-Berlin, South Place Ethical Society ( London), Oto Café (London), New River Studios ( London)., CLSI (Paris)

Media partners: The Wire (London), Radio Resonance 104.4 FM London, Romanian Cultural Institutes from London and Berlin.


Photos: Hyperion Ensemble, 26 - 28 November 2016, London

Rehearsals & Performances in New River Studios, Cafe Oto and Conway Hall, London

25-28 November 2016
2 December 2016
London, Berlin
organised by: