studios of creation | journée nationale 4/5/17 @Centre Pompidou

Intended for students in vocational high schools and medical-educational institutions, the project Ateliers de la creation (Studios of Creation) builds bridges between visual art, sonic art, and new technologies in close collaboration with new programs for applied arts. 

Initiated by the Center Pompidou and IRCAM, this artistic educational project Ateliers de la creation (Studios of Creation) has a simple but demanding ambition: to offer students of professional lycées, far from the world of art and its institutions, a dive at the heart of the most contemporary creation.

During one school year, students can actively join in the visual arts, sound arts and new technologies for creation. During more than twenty hours of workshops , organized the student explores a plastic work in the high school and the museum, supplemented by meetings with artists and shows.

These workshops go beyond the simple theories and the spontaneous perception to have access into the materials and the processes in the work of art, but appropriate the techniques of sound and studio, refine his observation skills through seeing and hearing. The student develops a new relationship to his daily environment, to the professional world, experiments the process of creation by creating a sound scene, thought as a personal reading of the plastic work. Through this gradual appropriation, the student is able to become the mediator of the works for another public, the employees, the companies, but also in the context of  the "Journée nationale", organized each year at IRCAM and the Center Pompidou.

The "Journée nationale", organized every year in Paris, is conceived as the culmination of the courses, developed with and by students during the school year. The young participants developed a precise vocabulary during the sound creation workshops and the visits to the museum and, at the end of the project, are able to transmit their knowledge and share their experience.

The "journée nationale", the presentation of the projects for the year 2016-2017 will take place on 4th of May at Centre Pompidou.

Involved professional highschools:

  • DANNEMARIE - Lycée Granvelle
  • DARDILLY - Lycée Francois Rabelais
  • GRAY - Lycée Augustin Cournot
  • PARIS - Lycée Leonardo De Vinci
  • VITRY - Lycée Jan Macé

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4 May 2017

Centre Pompidou