studios of creation (projects)
education, training & workshops

Initiated by the Center Pompidou and IRCAM, this artistic educational project Studios of Creation (Ateliers de la création) has a simple but demanding ambition: to offer students of vocational training schools, far from the world of art and its institutions, a dive at the heart of the most contemporary creation.
Read more about the programme “Studios of Creation (Ateliers de la creation)” HERE.

During more than twenty hours of workshops, completed by meetings with contemporary artists and performances, the students explored a visual arts work (typically a painting or sculpture) from week to week to go beyond their spontaneous first reactions by analyzing it, understanding the techniques and context in which the work was created.
A sonic personal interpretation of the work was created based on the concepts derived from an analysis of the work. Through this gradual appropriation of the work, the students became a mediator of the work for another public on the occasion of a presentation in an exhibition space.The sonic works produced were of surprising quality given the absence of formal training in music or related disciplines. For some students verbal expression was a real challenge since most were doing this for the first time in their lives. Many students expressed the fact that the project opened new vistas for them from the point of view of music and art appreciation.

In 2016-2017 more than 100 students from the following French vocational high schools participated in the project:

Selected Schools:
Léonard de Vinci School of Woodworking and Carpentry
Class: Carpentry, 13 students
Inspired by the work of Léonid Sokov “L’Ours”, 1984
Sonic Art collaborators: Ircam, Meryll Ampe
Visual Arts collaborators: Centre Pompidou

School of Hospitality and Gastronomy
Class: Catering, Certificate in Catering and Butchery, 14 students
Inspired by the work of Jason Dodge “What the Living Do, 2016
Sonic Art collaborators: Grame, Sébastien Hervier
Visual Arts collaborators: Villeurbanne Institute of Contemporary Art

Augustin Cournot Vocational College
Class: Ιnformation Technology, Management of National Heritage, 36 students
Inspired by the work of Mimmo Rotella “Vu”, 1993
Sonic Art collaborators: Olivier Toulemonde
Visual Arts collaborators: FRAC Franche-Comté

Granvelle School of Agriculture
Class: Agriculture, 31 students
Inspired by the work of Bertrand Lavier “Walt Disney Production”,1998
Sonic Art collaborators: Olivier Toulemonde
Visual Arts collaborators: FRAC Franche-Comté

Jean Macé Vocational College
Class: Electrical Engineering, 12 students
Inspired by the work of Ange Lecca “Maria Callas”,1982
Sonic Art collaborators: Ircam, Grégoire Lorieux
Visual Arts collaborators: MAC/VAL