Cabrita Nuno

Nuno Cabrita is a Portuguese artist whose focus on digital technology seeks to explore the aesthetic possibilities of immersive experiences in interaction with the physical world through light, sound and space.

Nuno Cabrita was born in 1974, in the city of Barreiro, Portugal. In spite of living throughout his life, until the date on urban environment, has had the good fortune and privilege to be able to deprive, since very little of the natural environment, a factor that has shaped the way in which he feels and observes the surroundings.

Guided by the fascination that nourishes the natural environment, their beings and atmospheres, but also by the taste in the photography, decides to start registering images of wildlife and natural landscape that normally go unnoticed. The photographic record that practice does not follow a single style, varying between the descriptive and the abstract, for him a photograph is the creative result of the sum of what we see and feel, but also of what we want to achieve.