Passa Chiara

Chiara Passa is a visual artist who holds a M.F.A. from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome, and a Master’s degree in new audiovisual media from the Faculty of Modern Literature.

Visual artist (Wikipedia). Studies: Artistic Lyceum, graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome; Master in new audio-visual mediums at the Faculty of Modern Literature. Lived around. At the moment I’m living and working in Rome. My artwork combines different media as: internet-art projects, animations, interactive video-installations, digital art in public space as site-specific artworks, video-mapping and video-sculptures. I also develop Art-applications (using AR and VR as art practice) and art-widgets for mobile platforms.  Often I use google cardboard as medium to interrogate outer spaces beyond wall, and architecture. I use the new technologies in a wide-range production in order to comprise its intrinsic language, and experimenting in rigorous and personal way on the unknown creative possibilities that the new media are continuously offering to me.The internet-art projects, in particular the site-specific series I’ve thought and make on Google Earth, aim to reshape the virtual environment, transforming it into something of alive and vibrant, challenging the notion of place. Through the augmented reality technology, the artworks aim to create an extemporary/temporary virtual land-art. The animations and the video-installations are characterized from a constant study on the shape, geometric and often essential, joined to a three-dimensional and dynamic vision of the virtual space. The interactive video installations (most of them taking source from the internet) force the spectator to confront oneself with another new atmosphere. A performance idea is the base of the video installations where people can watch and interact with a place that moves naturally beyond its functionality. In fact, on 1999 I coined the term “Super-place” in order to characterize dynamic places in my digital artworks which appear animated by their own metaphysics, often transforming into something else unexpected. I’ve always analyzed changes in ‘liquid space’ through a variety of techniques, technologies and devices. The internet-animations and the widgets penetrate the architecture of the liminal area of the internet-interface outstanding the boundary between the inner and outer world. The experience to enter the interface begins a voyage where synthetic shapes become design, structure, architecture and reality. Mostly, the site-specific artworks are inspired by the concept of impossible architecture and are often made thru the augmented reality and the video-mapping technologies, creating meta-dimensional key-lectures of the artwork. I’ve shaped unique software-art pieces, video-sculpture projects, apps and widgets in order to restore the aura of the digital artwork and solve the issue related to the multiply in digital art. I’ve run that lasted for eight years in the form of a blog-artwork. It was a conceptual internet-art experiment, where I was posting every month an idea for the realization of digital artworks, highlighting the concept of 'open artwork'. I run The Widget Art Gallery a web-based app containing a single art gallery room that hosts every month a solo digital art exhibition related to its dynamic site-specific space.