Tuercke  Florian

"My artistic work is based in public space and around the idea of public space. In the recent years i have realized several projects on an international level, whereas I am working as well in my own projects, as in collaborations and networks with other artists, architects, musicians and choreographers. Public space is traditionally considered to be the physical and conceptual opposite of private space. With the evolution of global media and social networks, and with the development in global politics, the line between the concepts of privacy and publicity progressively fades, which leads to new questions and challenges for everybody. The traditional picture of public space as a space - in all connotations - that is detached from the individual, whilst being created by the "public" - which is often understood as an organizing structure or entity on which the individual has no, or only limited influence - is out-dated. Or to put it more simple: We have to understand ourselves no longer as users, but as creators of public space. With my projects I try to question the general understanding of public space or temporarily change the connotation of specific aspects of it. I consider my artworks as tools to support the process of re-thinking and revalidating public space. My artistic practice is mostly cross-disciplinary. In my different projects i combine installative, performative, acoustic, visual and conceptual elements."