Mba Bikoro Nathalie

Anguezomo Mba Bikoro's interdisciplinary practices incorporate a synthesis of collaborative engagements, the development of international community dialogue and body politics through a merging of conceptual responses in live art performance, film, archaeology, guerrilla architecture, literature & archives. Her practices derive from developing a creative language through cancer physio-therapies in her personal battle with Leukaemia cancer throughout the 90's.
Her critical process is informed by discourses of histories, archives and theories on postcolonialism, diaspora, migration, identities, afro & alter modernism and culture. Her work reveals and creates moments of synthesis and harmony between seemingly disparate, bodies of knowledge, cultural traditions and value systems. An exploration of creolised identity, heritage, memory and homeland, the artist investigates systems of colonial past & present, tyranny, dictates of gender, traditions and mythologies. She engages with communities contesting handcrafted economies of art, politics, literature, ecologies and philosophy combining alternative strategies in performance and practice to deconstruct social narratives and work on processes and engagement rather than final products that answer to political anecdotes of the way we live with "Archipelagoes for Drexyian Mermaids", "How To Turn A Mountain Into Pearls", "We Built The Kilimanjaro", "The Revenge Of The Crystal", "A History On Lateness", "Future Monuments" and "Building Landing Spaces for Ancestors".  

With her approach both educative and allegorical, Anguezomo Mba Bikoro highlights the different tones of a society shared between delusions and ritual