Persyn Leonie

Leonie Persyn is a Belgian Researcher affiliated with the S:PAM research group at Ghent University. She has a background in Visual Arts and Performances Studies. She develops a phenomenological-philosophical approach to sound in the contemporary performing arts. Within her research “The Sound of a shared Intimacy” she claims that sound provides the spectator with new possibilities to re-connect with the image in a more profound way. Or in other word: that through sound the spectator re-enables himself to process what he sees more deeply. This heautonomous relation of sound and image opens up an in-between-ness where auditory imagination can arise.

Looking back on her trajectory up till now, Leonie Persyn states that sounds have been reciprocally triggering her curiosity and creativity. But this statement is a post factum one, as the first encounters with sounds came on spontaneously and quite unconscious. In the development of her ideas and due to her position as a researcher-as-dramaturg she is able to combine both, theory and practice in very inspiring interactions with different artists.