Tricoli Valerio

The Italian composer and musician Valerio Tricoli (b. 1977) is famous for his work and for his special approach in the field of musique concrète. After his first solo album, “Metaprogramming from Within the Eye of the Storm” (2006), he collaborated with Thomas Ankersmit and Fabio Selvafiorita (in the album “Death by Water”) and more recently with Bill Kouligas, the founder the Berlin-based record label PAN.

Apart from his solo/duo works, the composer is a member of the Italian quartet 3/4HadBeenEliminated, a group that resists music categorizations, as shown by their album “Oblivion” (2010). In 2014, Valerio’s second solo album, “Miseri Lares”, was released by PAN.