atlas: a sound cartography of Europe

Three composers and a video artist presented three different works in three concerts that took place simultaneously in three cities. Synchronized video and sound recordings united Athens, Karlsruhe, and Paris in real time, to create a soundscape that breaches the bounds of geography.

How can we change the way a city sounds?

At prearranged moments, the concert incorporated sound and visual material from Athens, Karlsruhe and Paris. Converging in this way, the three cities turned into a collective, vibrant, and all-inclusive bod.

Atlas, designed by the composer, mathematician, and researcher Carmine–Emanuele Cella was a collective work in all aspects. The sound material was collected by the public, before the performance, in Paris, Karlsruhe, and Athens creating a sound map. Three composers—Dimitris Kamarotos, Carmine–Emanuele Cella and Valerio Tricoli—and a video artist—Marine Gioti—exploited these geolocated sources and mix them with their own electronics.

This process resulted in a performance in real-time—distributed simultaneously in the three cities—in which the artists interacted with each other, or interrupted flows from elsewhere.

Concert in Paris, France
13/12/2019, 20.00, Grande Salle, Centre Pompidou

2019 12 11@Herv├σ Veronese Centre Pompidou 9066©Hervé Véronèse for Centre Pompidou

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Concert in Kalrsruhe, Germany
13/12/2019, 20.00, ZKM Cube, ZKM

ZKM photo Chiara Bellamoli (4)©Yiannis Soulis for Onassis Stegi

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Concert in Athens, Greece
13/12/2019, 20.30, Main Stage, Onassis Stegi

ATLAS Yiannis Soulis 4 SGT 39©Chiara Bellamoli for ZKM | Center for Art and Media

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Atlas artistic team Valerio Tricoli Marina Gioti Carmine Emanuele Cella Di

Composers: Carmine-Emanuele Cella (IRCAM), Dimitris Kamarotos (Onassis Stegi), Valerio Tricoli (ΖΚΜ)
Video Creation And Video Flow Control During The Concert: Marina Gioti
Set Design And Audio Installations Design At Stegi’s Foyer (Karlsruhe/Sound Tree, Paris/Sound Tree): Eva Manidaki
Ircam Computer-Music Designer: Benjamin Levy
Ircam Sound Engineer: Jérémie Bourgogne
Ircam Video Manager: Yann Philippe
Ircam It And Network Manager: Rémi Desmonet
Coproduction: Ircam/Les Spectacles Vivants-Centre Pompidou, Onassis Stegi And ΖKM
Coproduction Coordination: Ircam-Centre Pompidou

Film Credits
Cinematographer: Rioannis Kanakis (Athens, Karlsruhe, Paris)
Drone Cinematographer: Xavier “Choco” Hallinger (Paris)
Sound Recordists: Oscar Ferran (Paris), Dimitris Kamarotos (Athens), Valerio Tricoli (Karslruhe)
Film Production Coordinators: Marion Barré (Paris), Sophie Hesse (Karlsruhe)
Film Production: Ircam

Artwork: Marina Gioti
Photo: Déborah Lopatin

13 December 2019
20.00 CET
organised by:

Onassis Stegi

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie