Kotsonis Yannis

Yannis Kotsonis has composed electronic music for theater plays, video dance pieces, multimedia installations, and films. He gives concerts on a regular basis, often in collaboration with other artists. Yannis has released seven solo albums as "Sister Overdrive" and under his own name "Rotating Surfaces" (2016, Thalamos), "The Shape Of Failures Past" (2013, Granny Records), "13.6.2013" (2013, Somehow Ecstatic), "Honey" (2011, Organized Music From Thessaloniki), "Retroversion: Selected Recordings 2001-2004" (2010, Memoryformat), "Annick / Philomela" (2009, Low Impedance), "ManicHope Sessions 01" (2005, Post-Digital)], and has contributed to several compilations. His music has been described as “wonderfully asymmetrical” (attn magazine) or “rough, raw and alive” (Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear). Since 2009 he has been active as an independent workshop, residency, and concert coordinator (Syros Sound Meetings, KNOTmusic, minor act). He has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Media Studies, Film and Philosophy, and Sound Design at the University of Wales Swansea and the University of Piraeus in Greece, and currently leads DIY electronics and sound art workshops for schools around ATHENS, as a collaborator of the Onassis Cultural Centre’s “Interfaces” project partnership. He is also a co-host on “Proschedio”, a weekly ATHENS-based underground and experimental music internet radio show since 2014.