sonic experiments: telematics festival _13-14/12/2019

Lectures, panel discussions, workshops, installations and concerts on the topic of artistic telematic projects.

From 13 to 14 December 2019, the ZKM will be exploring state-of-the-art telematics projects as part of a two-day festival event. The simultaneous performance "Atlas, a Sound Cartography of Europe" with music by Carmine-Emanuele Cella, Dimitris Kamarotos and Valerio Tricoli as well as visuals by Marina Gioti has been developed in cooperation between IRCAM (Paris), Onassis Stegi (Athens) and ZKM as part of Interfaces and will be presented as a prelude to the event from 20.00 with free admission to the cube. On the following day, an artistic-scientific symposium, installations and audiovisual live performances await the audience. John Richards will be leading a workshop for Telematic Hacking and the final presentation of CECIA will take place as part of Interfaces Network.

How is today’s generation of artists dealing with networking possibilities of the new media and what desiderata do the artists pursue?

What interests could a composer have in working with telematic technologies or opening a composition to collaborative creative processes?


Friday, 13.12.2019
20.00: Concert_ "Atlas, a Sound Cartography of Europe" (Cube) 

Saturday, 14.12.2019
10.00 – 13.00 _Workshop | Medienwerkstatt
"Telematic Hacking" with John Richards" Read more about Telematic Hacking here...
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13.00-16.00 Symposium | Lecture Hall
13.00_ Elisabeth Zimmermann "on air-on line-on site. Networked Radioart"
14.00_Luca Frelih "On the Internet, no one can hear a dog"
14:30_John Richards "Networked Angel"
15.00_Domenico Cipriani "Networked distributed Open Sound Control"
15:30_Kosmas Giannoutakis "Innovating the electroacoustic music composition practice: the collaborative framework of human and algorithmic agency CECIA"

16.00-18.00_Panel discussion | Lecture Hall
with: Elisabeth Zimmermann, Luka Frelih, Leigh Landy

_First premiere of "CECIA (Collaborative Electroacoustic Composition with Intelligent Agents)" 
Artemi – Maria Gioti, Kosmas Giannoutakis, Mariam Gviniashvili, Panayiotis Kokoras, Martyna Kosecka, Erik Nyström & Juan Carlos Vasquez. Read more about CECIA here...

_Live-Performances by Container Doxa & Domenico Cipriani

_Afterwards DJ-Sets on the Music Balcony (Cube, Music Balcony)

Installations (December 13 –14, 2019)
multimedia Installation "Neigungen" by Lasse-Marc Riek & Tobias Schmitt
virtual pavilion "return void;" curated by Damian T. Dziwis within the framework of "the wrong biennale"

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