Dantas Paulo

Paulo Dantas​ (Rio de Janeiro / Brazil) works as a musician / sound artist, teacher and sound technician. In the past 8 years he's been teaching Musical Analysis / Experimental Music / Music Technology at UNIRIO (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro's State), with emphasis on field recordings, indeterminacy and composition, specificities of analysis of stereo phonograms, introduction to programming on PureData / SuperCollider and analysis of concert music repertoire. His interests as a researcher resulted in a deeper engagement and collaboration with artists of the current Brazilian experimental / underground music scene, doing technical phonographic work such as ​recording​, ​mixing​, ​mastering and ​programming in Pure Data, as well as organizing concerts, publishing articles​, ​playlists​ and ​compilations. His recent artistic work is connected to ​free improvisation and composition with field recordings. His two solo albums, ​Cidade Arquipélago and ​20160810_19:50:??_-22.920972,-43.238181 are comprised of binaural recordings, made in such different cities as Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador,​ ​São​ ​Paulo,​ ​Shuzenji​ ​and​ ​Tokyo.​